Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Java... what a hell?!?

Recently I experience a problem with Java (both 1.5 and 1.6, up to update 3), which throws the following message error in your face:

The error is: xcb_xlib.c:50: xcb_xlib_unlock: Assertion 'c->xlib.lock'

It does not affects all Java programs (my Eclipse was still running) but some. Not weirdly enough it seems actually a Java problem instead of a Fedora problem. Anyway, to workaround the problem the procedure is even more weird (extracted from here):

sed -i 's/XINERAMA/FAKEEXTN/g' /usr/java//jre/lib/i386/xawt/

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

[updated3] My Fedora 8 road map

- Basic system setup
-- Adjust [/etc/resolv.conf]
-- Adjust [/etc/fstab]
-- Adjust [/etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0]

- Add repositories:
-- Freshrpms
-- Adobe (flash plugin)
-- Livna

-- Correct conflict between livna and freshrpms (in favor of freshrpms):
Edit your [/etc/yum.repos.d/livna.repo] file to look like this:


-- Update your system:
yum -y upgrade

- Install additional software:
-- Multimedia:
yum -y install \
mplayer \
mencoder \
vlc \
grip \
ogle \
flash-plugin \
k3b \
k3b-extras-nonfree \
bittorrent \

-- Email with sylpheed-claws
yum -y install \
bogofilter \
claws-mail \
claws-mail-plugins \

-- XMMS with its most precious plug-ins
yum -y install \
xmms \
xmms-libs \
xmms-skins.noarch \
xmms-mp3 \
xmms-faad2 \
xmms-flac \
xmms-wma \
xmms-cdread \
xmms-arts \
xmms-esd \
xmms-musepack \

-- Pidgin, a very good IM client
yum -y install \
pidgin \
pidgin-encryption \
pidgin-guifications \

-- For kernel modules
yum -y install \
kernel-devel \

-- Nautilus plug-ins
yum -y install \
nautilus-open-terminal \
nautilus-search-tool \
nautilus-flac-converter \

-- Misc
--- Diagrams and images, usually old stuff that I'm used to
yum -y install \
graphviz \
dia \
gv \
xfig \
xpdf \
eog \
gnuplot \

--- Editors and related
yum -y install \
gvim \
kile \

--- My beloved spreadsheet program
yum -y install \

--- Unrar and related programs
yum -y install \
unrar \

--- My beloved debugging program
yum -y install \

- Install and setup third-part programs
-- VirtualBox/VMware
-- Skype
-- Acrobat Reader
-- Real Player
-- Sun Java
-- Eclipse

P.S.: For Real Player you will need to install the following package (broken dependency on Real Player RPM):

yum -y install \

- Setup printers
- Backup [/etc] and [/boot/grub]
tar -czf bkp-system.`/bin/date +"%Y%m%d-%H%M"`.tgz /etc /boot/grub

- Some issues:
Acrobat Reader install its Firefox/Mozilla plug-in, which has a memory leak. I recommend to remove it. To do so:

rm -f /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

How to get language switch in pidgin

To get language switch in pidgin you need a plugin called switch-spell, which does not come in a RPM package (as far as I know). This means that you need to get the sources (here, in download) and compile it. To make the job easier here goes the necessary packages:


And the yum command:

yum -y install \
dbus-devel \
dbus-glib-devel \
libpurple-devel \
aspell-devel \
gtkspell-devel \

After that just extract the sources and compile:

make && make install

Have fun!

P.S.: Just remember the previous post, if you get a "fails sanity check" error.

Funny thing: "fails sanity check"

Ok that is a very funny error and I have never got it, until today. But why should I get such an error trying to compile something if I do have GCC and any other prereq whatsoever? The point is, and do not ask me why, GCC package does not requires glibc-headers. So you may get that following funny, and for me cryptic message, even though I have had "/lib/cpp" (go figure!):

configure: error: C++ preprocessor "/lib/cpp" fails sanity check

Anyway, just install the package and everything will go as you expect.

yum -y install glibc-headers

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Fedora 8 screw big time

For those who got the "Invalid Module Format" trying to install/configure any module after installing Fedora 8 here is why. (It affects VMware (version Workstation 6.0.2 build-59824) and VirtualBox (version 1.5.2) BIG TIME!)

1. You have installed "kernel-devel" afterwards using yum (that is what I used);
2. Fedora 8 install kernel.i586 and yum (version 3.2.7) kernel-devel.i686 (notice the difference in the architecture?);
3. You can NOT upgrade your kernel to a i686 version.

How do I fixed the problem?

1. Install the "kernel-xen" and boot your box with it;
2. Remove ALL kernel instances (NOT kernel-xen, which your are using now);
2.1. You will need to remove 2 more packages too:
rpm -e xorg-x11-drv-nouveau xorg-x11-drivers
rpm -e kernel.i586 kernel-devel
3. Re-install the kernel:
yum -y install kernel.i686 kernel-devel.i686 xorg-x11-drv-nouveau xorg-x11-drivers
4. Reboot with the new kernel
5. Recompile the modules or, in case of vmware and virtual box, setup:
/etc/init.d/vboxdrv setup
6. Enjoy!